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Welcome to The Centerfire Firearms Training Academy's

Basic Handgun Familiarization Course

Section 7 Page Choosing the right Handgun


To choose a handgun you must first decide what is the primary purpose for the handgun: sport and recreation - hunting - competition - home defense or concealed carry.

 Since the primary focus of our Training Academy is training students for personal self-defense, we will concentrate on home defense and concealed carry handguns. The handgun needs to fit your hand, your lifestyle and pocket book.

Home Defense: Defending the old homestead has it's own unique set of challenges and equipment requirements.  A firearm in itself is not enough to keep your family safe in their home, it is only one piece of equipment needed - as well as a plan of action.

Regardless whether you choose a revolver or Semi-auto pistol the key is to finding the right size to fit your needs. Purchase the most handgun that you can physically and financially afford. You need to find the biggest caliber that fits your needs and you can handle, then buy the best you can afford.  A home defense handgun does not have to be compact since you are not concerned with concealing it. The handgun needs to be the proper size to fit your hand and caliber that you can control. The combination of a short barrel pump shotgun and quality handgun in correlation with a plan of action is your best home defense. The shotgun is great for the middle of the night, it doesn't take much finis is operate the shotgun. Where as it is difficult to answer the door with a shotgun in your hand. For additional information, check out a few of the self-defense books available at the Indy Gun Bunker and/or take one of our defensive classes.

Concealed Carry Self-defense:  The handgun you choose for concealed carry must be small enough for you to conceal with your normal mode of dress. The overall size and caliber will be determined by your skill level-body type-life style and mode of dress. These are all factors when picking out a concealed carry handgun. Of course a 44mag makes a much bigger hole than a 22lr.  However you are much better with a small caliber handgun you can hit what you point at, then a big caliber that you can't- four or five rounds dead center with a 22lr - beats a 44 magnum over the right shoulder. The most commonly chosen handgun for a casual shooter is a 5 shot 38special revolver such as the Smith and Wesson 642 - Taurus 85 or the Rossi 351. When you pick out your handgun avoid the real cheap ones, because you get what you pay for.

Of course we want to be the ones to sell you a handgun, however there are a few other quality shops in town. Just be sure that you buy the handgun you need, not the handgun the store needs to sell. Their is no "one" gun that fits every ones needs, the Family Indoor Shooting Range  firearms consultants will make recommendations based on your expressed needs. In fact under the owners direction our sales staff will not sell a handgun to someone if we truly believe that the person is not ready to use it.


Enjoy a safe shooting experience - Please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of our instructors should you have any questions.

Thank you

M. Hilton

Director of Training



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