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Welcome to The Centerfire Firearms Training Academy's

Basic Firearms Course Section 6 Page: Proper Practice and Continued Education


Quality Practice: Once you have completed our entire online course and the Range portion of your training,  it will be time for you to decide if you are serious about shooting.

If you are serious, then your journey has just begun. You have experienced the very basics required to accurately shoot a handgun. Now comes the time to continue quality practice sessions with what you've learned during this Basic Handgun Familiarization course.

Every practice session needs to mean something, not just cranking rounds down range as fast as you can - QUALITY NOT QUANTITY is the key to proper practice.  In the beginning, each time you go to the Range you should concentrate on one aspect of the fundamentals of shooting. For example: concentrate on your stance- How you are standing - are your feet approximately shoulder width apart - your body is square with the target - your upper body is slightly forward of your hips- you knees are slightly bent. Or you may concentrate on your Sighting - Grips- breath control or to work on correcting a technique error such as shooting low. The fact that there always is a qualified person on staff at the Indy Gun Bunker to aid our students, is another advantage of the Centerfire Firearms Training Academy.

As you progress in your training it will not be necessary to spend as much time concentrating on a single aspect, you will spend your time on putting them all together to accurately shoot.

As you continue to practice at the Family Indoor Shooting Range one of our instructors will be happy to answer your questions and help you critique your technique.

Continued Education: If you do not plan to own a handgun for home defense or to carry for personal defense, then additional education is not necessary.

 However if your ultimate goal is self-defense, then you have a lot of work to do. The Centerfire Firearms Training Academy offers additional courses directly related to the task of self-defense.

We are not the only Training academy, there are many well know schools thru out the country that offer excellent advanced defensive courses. We recommend that you attend a minimum of the next two defensive courses from the Centerfire Firearms Training Academy before paying for a course at the nationally known schools. From experience we've found that students do not get their money's worth from these courses unless they have taken at least the minimum of self defense handgun courses.

Enjoy a safe shooting experience - Please do not hesitate to contact our instructors should you have any questions.






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