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Basic Firearms Course Section 4 Page  Proper Storage and Handgun Cleaning


Storage and Transporting of a Handgun

Every state has a different set of rules of legally transporting a handgun and they rules change faster than we change socks. We will stick to Indiana regulations, other states you are on your own. In the state of Indiana you may transport an unloaded handgun to and from your home and the range, your business and home, to and from a store where you plan to sell  or trade your handgun. Technically you can not just drive around with a an unloaded handgun in the trunk of your car without a specific destination. The good news is that most police officers aren't familiar with this part of the regulation. We recommend that you keep the ammunition in another location than the handgun when transporting. Do not keep ammunition in the magazines or speed loaders during transportation. Now all this is not an issue if you have a Concealed Carry Permit. We recommend that everyone who owns a handgun should get their Concealed Carry permit, even if they never plan to carry.

To store your handguns at home requires that they are secured from unauthorizedVarious handgun security devices to keep unauthorized persons away from your handguns. individuals. If you live alone or have no children in the home your need to secure your handgun is reduced -not eliminated. If your handgun(s) are always with you, this reduces your home need for securing them. If you do leave your defensive firearms at home when you leave, you will want to secure them form unauthorized persons . You can use something as simple as a box with a lock on it from one a hardware store - you can use a trigger or cable lock - handgun safe - or one of the many firearms specific safety products.

If you plan to store your firearms for an extended time it is recommended that you thoroughly clean and lube them  before storing. Store them in a dry secured location such as a safe, metal case, hard lockable gun case. You will want to keep a lube with a rust preventative such as Ezzox or Breakfree on your handguns when storing them.

Handgun Cleaning: We won't spend much time on this subject. As previously noted we Your ALT-Text here are happy to have one of our sales representatives work with you one on one explaining the proper cleaning your personal handgun. Your handguns manual will explain what to clean and lube on your handgun. The cleaning kits also include instructions and as mentioned before one of the Indoor Range Employees are happy to explain in detail how to clean your handgun. To properly clean your handgun you will need a few supplies such as:

Cleaning Rod with appropriate sized cleaning bore brush, tip to hold patches, cleaning patches, cleaning solvent, Lube, Tooth brush type brush, soft wipe off cloth - a case or box of some sort to keep them organized - I've always found that a small drop cloth for the table keeps in out of trouble. For more information about the vast numbers of cleaning supplies, ask one of the Ranges sales people.

Before carrying or transporting a handgun out of Indiana, be sure to investigate the regulations of the states you will be traveling thru. A good source for up to date information is .


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