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Basic Handgun Safety - for responsible handgun owners

Yes, some of this may be review, however this is the most important portion of the entire course. Re-read the entire page.

It is paramount that SAFETY must be your first and last thought when firearms are concerned. The need for caution is necessary wherever guns are located - at your home - on your person - on the shooting range.

If you follow these three fundamental basic safety rules you will reduce the possibility of an accident occurring:

1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction: The handgun must always to pointed in a direction so that even if it were to accidentally discharge, it would not cause damage or injury. It is important to always be in control of where the muzzle is pointed. Common sense will dictate the safest direction for a given situation.

2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready shoot. You never put your finger in the trigger guard and on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Trained professionals never put their finger on the trigger until ready to shoot, for example when a Police officer has suspect at gun point, his finger is a lined with the frame of the handgun just above the trigger, no on the trigger.

3. Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. Your firearms that you own for hunting, recreation or collection need to be kept unloaded and secured from unauthorized persons. The handgun you use for personal protection should be loaded - in your control at all times - secured from unauthorized persons.

Who would you consider to be unauthorized in your home? Your spouse or partner who has not taken a safety course, children - how about the cable guy - phone repair - or the S.O.B. who breaks into your home! All the preceding is correct, as well as anyone else you can think of that has no business touching your firearms. Also keep your ammunition locked up from unauthorized persons. I know, you are asking yourself why lock up the ammunition when I already have my guns locked up?  What if little Johnny from next door comes over with or without permission, snags a couple rounds of ammo. He gets home, takes down Grandpas old gun that they don't have ammunition for and shoots himself or something - You are morally and illegally libel.

Safe Handling: Whenever you pick up a handgun, keep it pointed in a safe direction,  finger off the trigger and make sure that it is unloaded. Revolvers you open the cylinder to verify that no rounds are in any of the chambers. Semi-Autos you remove the magazine - pull back and lock open the slide - verify that no round is in the chamber.

Treat all handguns as if they are loaded - even if you know it is unloaded!

Additional rules to be aware of:

Be sure the gun is safe to operate - Regular cleaning and maintenance is

Know how to use the gun safely - Learn how to handle your handgun, become complete familiar with your handgun - read the factory manual.

Use only the correct ammunition for your handgun-

Know the target and what is beyond- You must be absolutely sure that your target is identified and what is beyond. On the range it's easy - we have a professional designed back stop - out in a field you need to be aware of what is over the next hill - in your home and on the street you must avoid tunnel vision. What is behind the intended target should you miss.

When practicing always wear hearing and eye protection-

Never put our complete trust in the safety mechanism of our handgun- As previously stated your handgun safety is a mechanical device and could malfunction. This is true with all brands of handguns, regardless of the quality.

As you have probably figured out by now - Safety is just a matter of common. sense.

Children and Firearms

Everyone should be aware that a child could discover a gun when a responsible adult is not around. This could occur at the child's home, the neighbors house, a friend's or in a public place. To help reduce a possibly horrific situation educate your children about the dangers of firearms follow the instructions sit by the NRA's Eddie Eagle

If you see a gun:





It is every ones responsibility help keep our children safe thru education and trigger locks. Don't fool yourself into believing that you can hide your handgun from the kids - or hide the gun one place and the ammunition someplace else. Because small children can and will find anything in your home - they have years of practice searching for Christmas presents.


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