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Welcome to The Centerfire Firearms Training Academy's

Basic Handgun Familiarization Course

Welcome to the Centerfire firearms Training Academy online - Firearms training course.

In the past we only conducted in house group training. However, after years of classroom training we found that students become restless and less attentive as the long classroom portion of the training wears on.

  Therefore, we develop our Classroom portion of the training into a  FREE online course.  The student can now review course material on their time schedule and revisit the information as many times as they desire.

Our Basic Handgun Familiarization Class is a One Hour hands on Training course. After a brief review of the online course the student spends the majority on the range with live fire Instruction and practice.

$60.00 per Student

Although the course is designed for 1 on 1 training, should the student decide to include a family member in the one hour class at the cost of $60.00 per student, we do not object.


Most training academies require students to spend more time in the classroom and on the range for their basic course as well as charging much more for their courses. Our Academy located in the Indy Gun Bunker we have the unique advantage of having an Instructor on hand at all times to answer any questions and offer advise to correct any shooting technique errors. We offer this benefit at no additional charge to our students.

We wish to welcome you to the sport of Handgun shooting for Recreation or Family Defense.

 Although the sport of shooting requires a level of good hand to eye coordination. plus mental concentration and discipline, the student does not have to be an athlete to properly shoot a handgun. The purpose of this course is to instruct the students in the safe and proper use of a handgun so that they may enjoy the sport of shooting or to set the stage for advanced self defense training. With any sport or task to get the full benefit you must start with the basics.

A few of the subjects to be covered by this manual: Relevant terms, Revolvers vs. Pistols, Ammunition types, safe handling, proper storage, learning the proper techniques for shooting a handgun and more. 

Section 1: Revolver vs. Pistols
Section 2: Ammunition - differences
Section 3: Basic firearms Safety
Section 4: Proper storage and cleaning
Section 5: Basic shooting Techniques
Section 6: Proper practice and continued education
Section 7: Choosing and purchasing the proper handgun




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New Basic Course

Centerfire Firearms Training Academy offers a new Basic Handgun Course

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last update 03-24-2018